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We offer a wide range of services including General Administrative Support,  Social Media Support, Website Development and Business Support.  Our aim is to take on tasks to free up your time and capacity so that you can focus on what is important to you and your business:

Administrative Support

Creating Generic Letters and formatting existing documents
Typing up notes or minutes from meetings
Creating spreadsheets or presentations
Preparing and sending out invoices or quotes
contacting clients to follow-up late payment of invoices
Email Management
Email inbox management - create appropriate folders to file emails and delete spam and junk emails
Respond to standard emails and email enquiries
Alert you to important items requiring an above standard response

Website Development  & Social Media Support

Website Development
Website development and maintenance - helping keep the information on your website up to date and relevant
Website testing and providing feedback on navigation and end-user experience
Content creation
Social Media Support
Scheduling content and images on your social media platforms
Content creation

Business Support

Market Research
Undertake market research to help your business reach its target market
Carry out competitor analysis to help support and grow your business
Client Support
Liaise with clients post sales  / service delivery to gain feedback on the clients experience
Respond to standard email enquiries on behalf of your business
Update your client contact records
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